Financial Contributions to Arco Iris

We talk a lot about fundraising at Arco Iris. Charter schools are different in many ways from neighborhood public schools, and funding is one of them. We have to do more with less money. We ask a lot of our staff and are grateful for their energy and dedication to our students. We also ask a lot of our students. Our expectations are higher. The school day is longer. The academics are challenging. And they tackle all this while striving to master two languages. We are so proud of our staff and our students!

We ask a lot of our parents too. We are always in need of volunteers for organizing events, reading to students, working at our open houses, repairing desks, building shelving, passing the hat for new tetherball sets.

It is time again that we ask for financial contributions. Today you will receive a letter from the Arco Iris school board (Arco Iris School request_11.4.11). In the attached letter, we explain our fundraising goals for the year and where they came from. We have all heard about the unfortunate loss of our grant funding this summer and that our state funding is reduced by 20% by our district to cover the costs to administer our charter. In our letter, we have specified what these numbers equate to for our school and on a per student basis.

We are asking that you consider Arco Iris in your giving plans this year. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible.  Thank You for considering the value that our school brings to your child’s education. Our combined commitments will continue to make the school successful.

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