Intel AppUp Contest – Wired to Learn

Arco Iris School is a contestant in Intel’s AppUp Wired to Learn contest! The winning school receives a technology package, featuring industry-leading technology from Intel, exciting learning and teaching apps, and more. Boy could we use this equipment!

If our story gets the most votes by December 4, Arco Iris school will win a technology package worth $25,000! Second and third place winners receive technology packages valued at $10,000! and $5,000! We are competing against schools with 3000+ students, so please spread the word, click the link above, sign up, and vote for us!

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6 Responses to Intel AppUp Contest – Wired to Learn

  1. Perla Sangiovanni says:

    Is our school entered already? I can’t find it on the list to vote for.

  2. Walt Armour says:

    And for anyone concerned, it is easy to uninstall the app that you are forced to install in order to vote.

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