Monday – Costume Guidelines

Monday Costume Guideline: Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school on Monday, October 31st, however we have a few rules and guidelines to follow:

  • No costumes that depict violent characters or are scary.
  • No blood, gore, weapons, or violence.
  • No props, with the exception of hats.
  • No masks or costumes that hide the student’s identity.
  • No face paint, including fake blood or gore.
  • No costumes that may demean any race, religion, nationality, handicapped condition or gender.
  • No fake fingernails.
  • Shoes must be worn.
  • All make-up and hair sprays must be applied at home.

Costume Party! On Monday, October 31st, we will have a Costume Party from 1:45-2:45pm in the Community Room. We invite all parents and families to come and participate in the festivities. We will also need help cleaning up if you can stick around until 3:00.

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