Friday Special Event – Aim High Academy of Martial Arts!

We are excited to announce that our friends at Aim High Academy of Martial Arts will be visiting our school this Friday! The staff at Aim High will be giving our students a hands-on and interactive workshop about SAFETY – just in time for Halloween. Here are a few things the kids will be learning.

  • Stranger Danger
  • Getting lost (safety checklist/knowing name, address, phone # etc…)
  • Home safety skills – A meeting point in case of getting lost
  • Is ALL candy GOOD candy – making sure to use wise decision before jumping into that candy bag – let Mom and Dad take a look first and review the candy for anything that might not look right
  • Abduction awareness – basic skills to detect and avoid abduction – What to do if someone you do not know starts a conversation with you or appears ‘out of the normal’.
  • How to physically break away and escape the grasp of a would be abductor
  • Having correct safety gear – a flash light, comfortable shoes, ease to breathe in masks etc..
  • Stronger in numbers – Go with a group of people – and have your friends close by your side

Children gain confidence with the new assertive choices they learn to apply in a wide variety of situations. Students are much less likely to react out of anger or fear, or have to use physical resistance after asserting proper awareness skills and appropriate de-escalation behavior.

We want to give a big THANK YOU to Aim High for volunteering their staff time and skills to contribute such valuable lessons to our students. Aim High Academy of Martial Arts, Inc is the Northwest’s largest non-profit martial arts school established with the intent of providing alternative learning, youth athletics and peaceful non-violent conflict resolution instruction. You can find them at the corner of Bethany Boulevard and Cornell Road (16205 NW Bethany Ct #100), next door to Oregon Gymnastics Academy.

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