Lego League Clubs

The Enrichment Committee heard that there was some interest in Lego League Clubs and wanted to gauge interest from parents.  Read below for information for two LEGO clubs that are broken down by age.  If you are interested in having your child participate in one of these clubs please email Niki Taylo ( with your child’s name & age.  If you are interested in serving as a coach for one of these groups, please let Niki know as well.

Participation in both of these groups will be based on volunteers.  We will need parent volunteers to facilitate both groups.

Junior First Lego League – There is more information about this program attached (JrFLL)

AGE:Teams are comprised of 2-6 children ages 6-9

ACTIVITY: Jr FLL is the first opportunity for students to participate in Lego League activities.  This year’s topic is Snack Attack and teams have the responsibility of building a model (out of Legos) that shows understanding of the topic of food safety through proper preparation and storage.  The end result of the team’s work is a model that meets the description of the challenge and a Show Me Poster that describes the team process for developing their model.  Both pieces are displayed at a culminating event held at OMSI in March 2012 (this event is held on a weekend day).

COST: $25 / team National Lego League dues. $30 / for participation in the Jr FLL expo at OMSI

SUPPLIES:  Teams can use Legos that they have on hand.  The only thing to consider is that Legos used in the making of the model will be used (out of a student’s collection) until March when the expo is over.

COMMITMENT: Teams usually meet 6-8 times prior to the Expo in March.  Depending on the start date, students may meet 1-2x/month for 1-2 hours.  This depends on the coach’s preferences.  Teams will need to research the topic, design and develop a model, build the model and then complete the Show Me Poster.  The activity us over after the EXPO in March.

COACHES:  We currently have one parent volunteer for this group but will need additional support, especially if the number of participants is greater than one team.  If you are interested in coaching, please let Niki know.

First Lego League-There is more information about this program attached (FLL)

LOTS of information regarding this program can be found here:

This group will need to get started ASAP in order to hit the December qualifying event deadlines.

AGE: Teams are comprised of 2-10 children ages 9-14

ACTIVITY: Students learn to design and build autonomous robots using special LEGO kits (NXT Robotic kits). The program includes a 10- to 12-week period in which youngsters form teams, develop robots that can respond to individual tasks as part of an overall Challenge, then compete at one of the many tournaments we hold in Oregon and SW Washington. Through this process, youngsters experience the fun and excitement of solving problems in a positive and supportive team environment

COST: Teams should expect to invest ~$900-$1000 into the first year.  See the attached document (FLL) for a detailed breakdown of costs.  This group has a high registration fee and must also buy the NXT Robot Kits for use in competitions.

SUPPLIES:  Teams must purchase the NXT Robot Kits with software.  This kit is reusable each year for the challenges.

COMMITMENT:  Teams will meet regularly to build and program their robot and then will compete in a qualifying event in December 2011 (second & third weekends).   Based on the results of the qualifying events, winning teams will advance to one of two Intel Oregon FLL Championship Tournaments which will take place in January.

COACHES:  We will need coaches for this event.  Visit this page if you are interested in being a coach:


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