Guest Speakers: Message from Enrichment Committee

The PTO Enrichment Committee, in collaboration with Arco Iris teachers, will be launching a new program this year to enhance the science and math curriculum, as well as music, movement, and arts/art literacy, by inviting professionals working in these fields into the classrooms.

We are currently in the process of compiling a directory from which teachers can choose between a variety of guest speakers: volunteers currently working in the field of science or math, music or art or professional educational services. Examples could include a meteorologist from a local news station that could teach kids about the weather, a financial professional that could educate them about monetary issues, or a research scientist demonstrating the concept of temperature. Educational services could include kid-friendly organizations such as OMSI, the Oregon Zoo, Friends of Tryon Creek Park, or the Audubon Society.  Music, movement and art could include musicians, physical trainers, graphic artists…think creatively!

The program will encompass two types of curriculum-enhancement activities: in-class, hands-on instruction and/or school assemblies. Each teacher has several well-defined science/math and music/movement/art units to teach per year, and in the first year, we will focus on specific units per grade level, with the intention of increasing our participation in subsequent years, depending on the success and cost of the program.  For example, with specific science concepts that are covered throughout several grade levels, teachers may want to opt for a full- or partial-school assembly.

This is where your parent networking will be invaluable! If you, or someone you know, would be willing to participate in this program, we would love to hear from you!

*** Please send in the following: ***

– Name of volunteer or educational service

– contact information, including phone number and/or email address

– general description of their expertise

– predicted costs (e.g., material costs for demonstrations or package rates for professional services)

– whether you have personally contacted them regarding this program or you would like us to do so

The success of this program will greatly depend on being able to identify excellent guest speakers, both in terms of subject matter and their ability to communicate with very young children. Please take the time to think about who you might know that would be interested in contributing to this program.

Thank you very much for your help!

The Enrichment Committee

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