Jaguars Read!

We are kicking off a new Reading Program this year called Jaguars Read.  The Jaguars Read Program is a voluntary, incentive based reading program that tracks a student’s reading time through their entire school career at Arco Iris and provides awards to students for reading. Our goal is to provide both awareness and incentives to increase reading. The program is voluntary and it is up to the student and parent to choose whether or not to participate (not to be confused with reading homework). Because this is not a contest, a student may start participating at any time and in any amount. We encourage students to set their own goals for each year.

In addition to tracking reading minutes, each month students will have the opportunity to review a book they read that month.  The Review a Book form can be found on the back of each month’s reading calendar.  These book reviews will be posted at school for all students to read.  This is a great opportunity for students to encourage others to enjoy good books!

Here’s how the Jaguars Read Program will work:

  • The amount of time read is tracked on a monthly calendar provided each month (or use your own.)  Calendars will be available via email each month.
  • At the end of the month the total time read should be tallied and a PARENT MUST SIGN TO VERIFY THE CORRECT TOTAL TIME.
  • The student’s name, teacher’s name and minutes must be clearly written.
  • Completed calendars are put in the Jaguars Read box on the last day of the month.

What counts towards Ready Reading time?

  • Only time dedicated solely to reading counts.
  • All reading done outside of school counts, i.e. books, magazines and homework assignments that include reading.
  • Time read by a parent counts, and reading by an older student to a younger student counts as time for both students.

What doesn’t count towards Ready Reading time?

  • Math homework and computer games do not count.
  • Reading while watching TV does not count.

Incentives & Awards

  • Incentives are earned on a cumulative basis for all years that the student attends Arco Iris.
  • Awards will be handed out monthly to the students.
  • The awards list is included below. If you have any award ideas, let a Jaguars Read coordinator know.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or suggestions for improving the program or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sarah Coakley at or Niki Taylo at


Hours Read Award Description
1st Calendar Bookmark Turn in your first calendar and receive a bookmark
25 hours Smencil Your favorite scent as a pencil
50 hours Button Show off your reading hours with a backpack button!
75 hours Free Dress Wear whatever you would like on a designated day
100 hours Principal Cocoa Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while Principal Maureen reads her favorite story
150 hours Water bottle A logo’d water bottle to use at school or home
200 hours Scarf A scarf in the Arco Iris colors!
250 hours Board Name A plaque will hang in the office with your name on it!
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