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Our blog turns 1 this month. In October 2010, we had a grand total of 60 hits. Last month we had 1,626 blog visits! We started this as another means of sharing with our families, whether it be about field trip, our curriculum, and even nutrition. It’s less formal than a web page, updated more often than a news letter, with unlimited possibilities for topics. We have received great feedback on our blog and are happy with the response we receive!

That said, we write this blog primarily for our parents, but we do have in mind those families who are considering enrolling. We want to write about engaging and interesting subjects as well as classroom details, social events, and calls for volunteers.

If you have ideas for future blog articles, please leave a comment below or email Deonne Knill ( This blog is for you and we want to make sure we’re covering topics that are important to you and your family.

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5 Responses to This is your blog

  1. Brandy Schwerdt says:

    Thank you for our Arco blog! How about Arco Iris Logo Hoodies & T-shirts? Uniform Blue & Red with our school logo. This was a huge success at The International School, great year around fundraiser too. Not to mention great advertisement & uniform addition for the chiily months. Is this something that has already been explored as far as cost and profit?

  2. Jodi Monroy says:

    I love the blog.
    Some ideas for future posts:
    Age appropriate spanish readers and books for kids (I’ve found alot at
    Relevant cultutal events (Miracle theater group, adelante mujeres, viva la cultura, LESTA are all local groups that put on seasonal cultural events)
    Websites or resources for helping our kids with spanish or math
    Kids music in spanish (local artists Jose-Luis Orozco and Alfredo Muro are great)

    Just a few ideas and thanks for all of your hard work Deonne!

  3. Andrew Premvardhan says:

    Thank you , the blog has been very useful and the post have been insightful.
    How about starting a twitter account and using it communicate new blog posts ( apart from the email)

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