October curriculum

Everyone is interested in what our students are learning on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our teachers are well coordinated with their planning, and our units are based on themes that spread across the different subjects. We do this following state standards as well as Beaverton School District’s learning targets. While it is a lot of work for our staff, we feel it is the best learning environment for our students.

Beginning in October, we will post for you our monthly learning plans. You will find their subjects outlined with a few bullet details. We think you will enjoy looking these over as well as using them as conversation points with your child. Instead of asking, “What did you learn at school today?” you can be armed with leading questions for them to fill in the blanks!

As always, if you have questions on the curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact Mercedes Gomez. She’s always happy to anser questions and provide more detail.

Here are our goals for October:

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One Response to October curriculum

  1. Jodi Monroy says:

    This is GREAT! Thank you so much for posting this

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