Math Minutes – what are they?

Math Minutes: Every Friday your child will participate in a Math Minutes quiz directly after morning meeting.  The following week you will receive a packet with a corrected quiz, as well as a practice sheet for the following Friday. This sheet is to be used as practice at home, and does not need to be returned to school or to your teacher.

Purpose: In additional to conceptual understanding, kids need to have math facts at their fingertips, very much like mastering notes in order to play music, or the alphabet in order to read and write. This practice is aimed to increase students’ basic skill fluency, in both speed and automatic recall. It does not replace conceptual understanding rather it is a skill building activity.

We encourage you to have your child practice their math minute at home during the week. Even just a few times can make huge difference.

Want to learn more about Singapore Math, the philosophy, and how it works? Check out this blog post from last November. Math Minutes are one part of the mental math exercises that our students do throughout the year.

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