500 Labels for Education – Act FAST!

Now through September 27th, when you shop at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons (see the full list here) you can get 500 Labels for Education! Here’s how:

1. Buy 5 products with the Labels for Education proofs of purchase, like Cambell’s soup, Dannon yogurt, Prego, Swanson, Post cereals (full list here);

2. At Checkout you’ll receive a coupon good for 500 Labels for Education Points.

3. Log into eLabelsForEducation.com and follow directions to enter the Bonus Offer Code listed on your coupon.

That’s all there is too it, but you have to buy the products by Tuesday, September 27th, and enter them in on the website by October 11th. For every 5 products you buy, you receive 1 coupon; if you buy 10 products, you still only receive 1 coupon. You have to do separate transactions to get more coupons.

Our school is signed up here, but won’t show up on the website until around Wednesday, September, 28. After that you can enter in your grocery shopping loyalty card #s and select our school to link them to.  Thanks and happy buying!

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3 Responses to 500 Labels for Education – Act FAST!

  1. Mary says:

    Campbell’s Soup is on sale right now, $1/can, at Safeway!

  2. karen lewis says:

    I purchased the cans of soup and have the coupon for 500 label for education. The problem is that I am unable to find a way to obtain the coupons. Can you help me?

    • Ann says:

      the coupon should have printed out with the register receipt. If not go to customer service and request. – Ann Rattay

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