Valley Cinema Passes – school fundraiser!

Valley Family Film Festival is back!

We sent home a flyer with your children Monday and here is more information:

The Valley Cinema Pub is rolling out another fabulous 10 weeks of family friendly movies and the passes are here!  The movies start on October 15th-18th with “Mr. Poppers Penguins, ” and ends on December 17th-20th with “HOP.” Each pass has 10 tickets on it and is only $10!!  Each ticket for each week gets in one child and up to 2 adults.  Each child over the age of 3 must have a ticket.  For example) If you are a family with 2 adults and 2 children over 3yrs old, you need to purchase 2 passes.  This means your family of 4 has only paid $2 to see a movie!  Every week there are 10 opportunities to watch the movie, but we suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early on the weekend because the theater can fill up.

We are selling Valley Cinema passes as a fundraiser for our school! You can purchase your passes from Wendy or Janice (members of the Fund-raising Committee) ONLY on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, September 27th from 7:45am-8:10am or 2:40pm-3:15pm
  • Friday, September 30th from 7:45am-8:10am or 2:00pm-2:20pm
  • Tuesday, October 4th from 7:45am-8:10am or 2:40pm-3:15pm
  • Friday, October 7th from 7:45am-8:10am or 2:00pm-2:20pm

Every pass sold makes our school money!  On the attached flyer it says the passes are $9, but we are selling them for $10 to raise a little extra money for our school.  That is still only $1 per movie ticket!  Here is the movie schedule: Valley Cinema FALL ’11 Flier

You can purchases your passes with CASH or a CHECK.  Feel free to sell passes to your friends or other family members who want to buy some, because every pass sold means more money for our school! Please note: we can only accept checks from parents who have kids enrolled at Arco Iris.

Thank you, and see you at the movies!!

If you have any questions, contact Wendy @ or Stacy @

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