Online Interactive Spanish Storytelling

Occasionally we’ll use the blog to share online articles and tools for math and language learning. One of our parents shared with us a link to an online, interactive Spanish storytelling site. We found this through Mommy Maestra, another online resource for Spanish language learning.

ClicClicClic is a project of Barcelona University, and features a number of interactive stories for children. The stories are divided into two categories: Iván y Navi, stories geared for children ages 3-6 and El mundo al revés, for children ages 6-8.

Parents have the option of turning off the volume so that the kids can simply read the stories on their own, or leaving it on so that the children can enjoy story time.  For our new Spanish learners, you may want to leave the story sound on at first, so your kids can see the words and hear them at the same time. Have fun exploring this new site!

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