Happy First Day of School!

Congratulations everyone! The first day of school has come to a close and we can honestly say we love all these kids and our new home! Any tears we saw this morning were quickly turned into smiles as our day got underway.

Remember, adjusting to a new school, new routine, and for many – a new language, takes time.  You may find that your children are extra tired and hungry during this transition.

All of our students begin their day with Singapore math at 8:00 am! Early morning is when their minds are the freshest and ready to tackle challenging material. So please make sure your students arrive on time so they are not missing one of our most important subjects.

Afternoon pick up is between 2:50 and 3:00 pm. During this time, please go directly to your child’s classroom and check in with his/her teacher. If you arrive after 3:00 pm, the students will be in the community room for our Buenas Tardes program. Be prepared to show photo ID as our staff gets to know you and other authorized adults picking up kids.

Thanks for all your patience and cooperation during morning drop-off this morning! Traffic congestion was minimal. As the days progress, please remember a couple of important items:

  1. For morning and afternoon (on time) pickup, please enter the facility off of Johnson Street.
  2. If you are parking in order to walk your child into the school in the morning, please drive the to the outside perimeter of the parking lot and then find a row for parking. We want to minimize vehicle traffic at the front door except for those parents dropping off students at the door.
  3. Drivers and pedestrians – please use extra caution as curbside drop off gets underway.
  4. The main parking lot will be closed between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm. If you are arriving late or picking up your child early, please use the side (west) parking lot. If you are volunteering and will be helping out later than 8:30, please also park in the side lot.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please email us or leave a comment on the blog. 

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