Arco Iris School and Federal/State Funding Cuts

There seems to be never-ending talks of our nation’s economy, the debt ceiling, and overall lack of funds in the news lately. More often than not, we don’t feel these changes personally. Unfortunately, the state of the union and lack of allocated funds for education has left the State of Oregon without the Federal monies to complete the payout of the grant Arco Iris was awarded two years ago. This cut removed $200,000 from our 2011/2012 operating budget and has forced Arco Iris to rebalance our books.   The exercise was successful in that our core programming and staffing were untouched in the process. It is business as usual for our students – classes will begin and continue as planned. For a detailed explanation of what your school board did to balance the budget, including revenue generating plans as well as cost cutting measures, please click (Message from Mary Taylor_August 2011).

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