Dress Code and Uniform Sales!

There are lots of Back to School and uniform sales going on now! Check out Old Navy, the Children’s Place, Target, Lands End, and French Toast for school uniforms. And as a reminder, here is our dress code. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


During the Arco Iris start up process, the Board voted in favor of a mandatory school dress code. The founders wanted the best for their children; high academic standards, global citizenship and a safe, learning environment for every student. Research has shown that schools requiring school uniforms increase safety by identifying trespassers, reduce social and economic status by promoting equality, and improve academic performance by increasing student’s attention toward their studies.

Arco Iris respects and honors all religious beliefs. If your religion dictates a certain type of dress (ex: head cover, scarves, etc.), please contact school administration. We will gladly accommodate your student.

Students attending Arco Iris are required to wear the appropriate dress code except when notified of school sponsored non-uniform days.



  • Solid Red or White polo-type shirts – short or long sleeved. Turtle necks OK.
  • During winter months, white undershirts are allowed – short or long sleeved
  • Please, no logo’d apparel, with the exception of Arco Iris logo.


  • Boys:  Solid, navy blue or khaki colored pants/trousers or shorts.
  • Girls:  Solid, navy blue or khaki colored pants/trousers, mid-thigh length shorts, mid-thigh length skirts, mid-thigh length skorts or jumpers.
  • Please, no sweats and no denim unless otherwise indicated on a non-uniform day.

Shoes and Socks

  • Students should wear shoes that are appropriate and comfortable for daily play outside.  We recommend closed toed shoes with socks.
  • Please, no Crocs, flip flops or open toed shoes at anytime.
  • During winter months, we recommend that students bring and leave an extra set of rain boots for walking outside.

 Sweatshirts, Fleece, or Sweaters

  • During the winter months, students may wear solid colored (coordinating – red, blue, white) layers over their uniforms during class and outside.


  • There are no restrictions on outerwear at this time.  An extra set of hats and gloves may be left in your student’s cubby.
  • Please label your student’s extra clothing items.

We ask our wonderful families to donate clean, unstained and outgrown dress code clothing to the Uniform Exchange at the office.  Please feel free to look here for an extra shirt or pair of pants. We also use this exchange for changes of clothes for the kids who need one during the school day.

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3 Responses to Dress Code and Uniform Sales!

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you for posting the dress code requirements. When can we expect school supply lists to be posted/

  2. deonneknill says:

    Our goal is this FRIDAY for supply lists as well as a bunch of other announcements.

  3. Sunshine King says:

    Are leggings (uniform color) allowed to be worn under skirts/skirts/jumpers? Are solid color uniform dresses allowed?

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