Frog Release 2011!

Our first graders took studying living things to the next level – they raised tadpoles and watched their metamorphosis as they grew into frogs! During these few months, they worked on their journal of the frog life cycle, colored frog worksheets, learned about tadpole and frog habitat, and of course visited and talked with these mini creatures every day!

Once all the tadpoles became tiny frogs, it was time to set them free! These were local tadpoles, so they were released back into a nearby pond. Each student got a clear, plastic cup with a frog or two inside. Maestra Stephanie, with class in tow, walked to the pond for the big frog release. Everyone was excited, some were sad, but we can say it was a great experience for everyone!

Frog in cup

Gentle hands

On their way to the pond

Welcome to your new home!

"I'm really going to miss those frogs." - Evan H.

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2 Responses to Frog Release 2011!

  1. tompinit says:

    Parting is such sweet sorrow….

  2. Walt Armour says:

    Great experiment. They all loved the frogs.

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