All School Recital and Potluck!

This Friday, June 10th, from 6-8 pm is our All-School Recital And Potluck! Please help us celebrate our first year with songs and food.  This will be a great chance for you to tour our new location!  Our recital will be at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located at 18865 SW Johnson Street.

What to bring?  We are breaking out the necessities by classroom:

1st grade class: main dish
2nd grade class: cups, flatware, plates, beverages, desserts
3rd/4th grade class: side dish, salad

We also need a few volunteers to help with setup and cleanup.

And a quick reminder, as this is our first time as a school at Bethlehem Lutheran, we need to be extra careful of their facilities. We ask that the children not be allowed to run in the hallways and to please stay within the community room unless accompanied by a parent.

Please RSVP with Stacy what items you are bringing and if you are able to help with setup or cleanup. Thank you!

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