Volunteers needed!

The big Arco Iris move is just around the corner and in preparation we need volunteer help…come one and all please!  Here are our needs:

June 11 – Supply Sorting – 9am to Noon – McKinley Portables. We want to send our kids home with their own supplies (e.g. scissors) the last day of school so parents don’t have to buy them again this summer. We’ll be sorting supplies, bagging, and naming bags for each student.

June 22, 23, 24, 25, 27 – Organizing/Donating/Packing 9am to 3pm – McKinley Portables. We will be organizing our classrooms, community room, and office. Some items that we don’t need will be donated to local businesses. We will do some light packing as part of our organizing.

June 29, 30 – Cleaning – 10am to 5pm – McKinley Portables. We are moving out on June 28th and 29th and into our new home! We need volunteers to help clean the portables.

June 29, 30 – Unpacking and organizing – Our new home (Bethlehem Lutheran Church). Details of this are coming soon, but we will need help unpacking and organizing our new classrooms. These rooms are used by the church on Sundays, so we need to be neat and organized to not disrupt their space.

If you are available and would like to help, please sign up with Stacy!

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