We know that everyone is anxiously awaiting news on our future location! It has been a long and detailed process for our volunteers, school board, and management team. Our teams have visited dozens of facilities over the past few months. We had them narrowed down to three, then two, back to three, FOUR (!), then two, and now we have begun to negotiate a lease!

We have been looking for a location that offers us the flexibility to be there more than a year, which provides the facilities we desire (ample outside space or a gym, access to a kitchen, bathrooms).  There were zoning requirements to consider, location within the district, facility amenities, space sharing details, potential remodeling design, and of course cost.

All that said, we are moving forward with a lease agreement with Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located at 18865 SW Johnson Street.  We are absolutely thrilled with this space and what it offers our students and our staff! The classrooms are big and bright, there is a lot of space indoors and out for playtime and extra-curricular activities. There is a huge gathering space (with a stage) for community events, board meetings, and performances. This building is almost brand new and has so much to offer for Arco Iris students! 

We will have our own entrance, which is accessed from the larger parking lot in the back. You are welcome to drive around the property to check out the facility, but because we do not yet have access to the building, we ask that you respectfully not disturb the church staff or try to enter the building.

We will make sure to set up a date for families to come and tour our new home once we have a signed lease agreement. We are confident that you will find this facility a wonderful opportunity for our school.

We also want to send a special “thank you” to our parent volunteer, Jessica Lipscomb, for her hard work, time, and dedication in finding us a new facility for next year! We feel so fortunate to have her as a part of our school community.

We greatly appreciate your patience throughout this process and please feel free to contact the school if you have any additional questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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