Local Ideas for Spanish Language Learning

We hope you are enjoying these early weeks of Spring. With summer fast approaching, we are working on planning the details of our next school year. It is a fun and exciting time for our school and we should have updates on our location very soon!

Is your child new to the Spanish language or an immersion environment? One of the best ways to prepare for fall is to give your child some exposure to the language. There is an adjustment period for all our students as they begin school with us. Providing some exposure to the Spanish language over the next few months will help them tremendously!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Send them to Arco Iris Summer Camp! Our teachers will spend a half-day with our campers learning about a different country each week. Expect your kids to come home singing songs and happy about their morning full of games, dance, and other fun activities. This is intended to be in an immersion environment, so Spanish is our language of instruction for camp, just like school. Our first week of camp (July 5-9) is discounted due to a short week. Give it a try!  Click HERE for more information.
  • Visit your local library and check out some of your child’s favorite books, but in Spanish! The Eric Carle books (Very Hungry Caterpillar, or La oruga muy hambrienta) as well as Dr. Seuss are very popular. Even if the kids are older, they may enjoy looking at these books. The library also has Spanish children’s books on tape.
  • Listen to Children’s Spanish music. Your local library has dozens of options to choose from! Most of the lyrics can be found online.
  • Some local bookstores, as well as places like the Learning Palace, have entry-level Spanish workbooks, flashcards, and other Spanish materials.
  • Watch your favorite movie, but in Spanish instead! Pick a family favorite and enjoy the adventure.
  • Visit Spanish story time at your local library. Washington County Library has many options for children’s Spanish story time. Check out the overall library event schedule HERE.

We look forward to getting to know all of you over the next few months. Have a fantastic spring!

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