Very Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting lots of questions about venue and kindergarten. We are as anxious and excited as everyone about these two topics! We are working tirelessly on these and other details for next school year. Here are our answers to these frequently asked questions. We promise to send updates via email, website, blog, and Facebook as soon we know more!

Q: Have you selected a venue yet for next school year?

A: Not yet. We are in different stages of negotiations with two different locations, each of which holds unique aspects for our school. One is smaller, but brand new. The other is larger and being remodeled. Each are wonderful in their own respects. We expect to be able to compare all the logistics and details over the next couple of weeks and make a decision afterward.

Q: Will you open a kindergarten in 2011/2012?

A: Most likely. Our kindergarten program will be private and not part of the public charter school. Our future location will be a big factor to how many kindergarten classes we will open. We need to make sure that we have enough space for our charter school students and also that our kindergarten room(s) have exactly what they need.

Q: What is the kindergarten tuition?

A: We will announce that when we announce the details on the kindergarten class(es). Our school board members have been conducting a study including local kindergarten tuition rates as well as our own costs to implement a program. We intend to be cost competitive with Beaverton/Portland area private kindergarten programs.

Hope this helps! We’ll announce more as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience.

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