Auction wrap-up report

We had a great auction and lots of fun. We are close to making over $12,000 at the auction and we need your help to push us over the line. We had some party sign-up items that still have spots. If you would like to sign-up for one of these, please email Juliette at

Oak Knoll Winery Tour and Tasting (with Transportation) – 6 spots left!!  $50 a person – A van will come and pick us up and takes us out to the winery during grape smashing season (late Oct/early November). We will have a private tour of the winery, and then a tasting class with a light lunch. The entire trip, including drive time takes approximately 4 – 5 hours. This is a really fun outing and am amazing learning experience about the process to make wine. Greg Lint, the president of Oak Knoll will walk us through the entire process from when the grapes arrive all the way through to bottling.

Mazama Lodge – 8 spots left!!  Saturday, October 29th – $30 a person and that includes bunk style lodging, dinner, breakfast and lunch! Come up to Mt. Hood and hang out with other Arco Iris families hiking, playing games and maybe even playing in the snow! The entire family is welcome.

Mom’s Margarita Party – 5 spots left!!!  Saturday Aug 6th at 6pm – $50 a person, includes Margaritas, food and chair massages! Come and get to know your other Arco Iris moms for a fun night of socializing!

Lazy Daisy Tea Party – 2 spots left!!  Saturday June 4th 1-3pm – $25 a child Join Maestra Stephanie for a fun afternoon with teatime treats, a story, game, pot a flower to take home, etc.  This is a special afternoon out on the Lipscomb Farm is a Tea Party your child will not want to miss!

Also, please stop by the office this week!

PHOTOS – we still have lots of pictures available for purchase of your children, and don’t forget to order more! Family members love pictures of the kids and these are beautiful!

ARTWORK – you child made some art that they are very proud of and it is waiting for you to pick it up. All art and photos are $8.

Supply Fund – Bradie Mayfield brought in a gorgeous giving tree and it is not set up in the Community Room. The money goes to our supply fund. Each leaf has an amount and what that amount goes to. For example – “1st Grade Math Supplies $25” you write your name on the leaf and you commit to pay that amount and we will get the supplies. Please feel free to write your name on a leaf and bring it into the office. We will take the leafs on Friday and will add the amount to your auction bill.

Thank you to everyone who supported our auction in one way or another. For our first auction, we feel like it was a great success and everyone had a great time!

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