Arco Iris School – 2011/2012 Enrollment Process

Open enrollment begins February 14, 2011 and will continue through March 31, 2011. This document outlines our enrollment process for the 2011/2012 academic year.

If you are interested in enrolling your child/children, please review the following:

  • Review “Things to Consider” document, text included below.
  • Submit “Intent to Enroll” form during Open Enrollment period. You will find this on our website and also attached.   Step 1. Intent to Enroll Form
  • Submit “Family Commitment Letter” to Arco Iris. You will receive this letter as our confirmation receipt of your intent to enroll your child in our school. ONLY THOSE FAMILIES WHO HAVE SUBMITTED A COMMITMENT LETTER WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR ENROLLMENT.

Open Enrollment closes March 31, 2011. After this date, no additional applications will be processed until after the initial enrollment process is complete. Applications may be considered on a first come – first served basis, if spaces are available.

Beginning April 2011, families with a submitted commitment letter will be notified of enrollment status. Enrollment status will either be a) ACCEPTED or b) WAITLISTED.

If your child is ACCEPTED, you will receive a welcome packet along with an ENROLLMENT APPLICATION and records transfer request. The enrollment application is your final step in the enrollment process. This document is used to finalize funding arrangements with the State of Oregon and Beaverton School District (BSD).

If your child is WAITLISTED, you will receive your waitlist status via e-mail and in the mail. Waitlisted students will be notified as spaces become available.

Please note the following regarding enrollment:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled students receive priority enrollment. If you have a child currently enrolled in our school, you will need to submit an enrollment application for the new student and a commitment letter for ALL children attending 2011/2012 academic year. We will be sending these home in March.
  2. BSD students receive priority over out of district students. Spaces will be filled with BSD students, then opened to out of district transfer students.
  3. If the number of applications received exceeds the number of spaces available, a random lottery will be implemented. You will receive your lottery number in advance of our drawing. The lottery drawing will be open to the public.
  4. Students not drawn in the lottery will be placed on a waitlist maintained for each grade. The waitlist position will be filled based on lottery drawing. The waitlist will be made available upon request.

Things to Consider – Before you enroll your child

Changing schools is a big decision! We want your child to have a great experience with us and his/her transition into our school a successful one. Student retention, happiness, and academic success are important to all of us. The following is a list of things to consider before you submit your enrollment application for your child.

How attached is your child to his/her current school, friends, and teachers?

How is your child’s ability to transition to a new environment?

Does your child have siblings in another school that mean multiple dropoffs and pickups to coordinate?

How does our school location impact your commute to/from work?

Our daily instruction is mainly in Spanish.  While there is no language proficiency requirement for enrollment, there is an adjustment period for those students who are unfamiliar with the language. We strive to make this as fun as possible! Please talk with our staff about how to help at home.

We have a longer academic day than the other public and private schools in the area. While we give morning and afternoon recess in addition to a lunch break, the kids are tired at the end of the day. Though they do adjust especially with the help of extra sleep at night and a healthy lunch at school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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