Our Committees Need Volunteers!

We are at an exciting crossroads for Arco Iris and we need every parent to be involved to ensure our school continues to thrive now and for years and year to come.  We have many events, targeting at the essential tasks of increasing enrollment, supporting our teachers/classrooms and fundraising, which must be completed before the end of the school year.  We are asking for every family to pitch in and help where you can.

To streamline our volunteer efforts and ensure consistent support, we are organizing into committees.  CALL TO ACTION: Please sign up with Stacy to support at least one committee and commit to help with the classroom committees as you see requests directly from your classroom coordinators.    Please sign up by January 20th.

1)     Outreach Committee (Members: Juliette Oase, Kimberly Sills, Vanessa Bailey, Giselle Escobar, Deonne Knill) GOAL: Lead outreach activities to increase enrollment in Arco Iris, promote events at the school.

a. Develop relationships with the key outreach channels for parents in Portland (KGW, NW kids, Metro Parent mag, Portland mama…).

b. Create content such as fliers and posters for open houses and other events, logo for the kids uniforms and other logoed merchandise, and content for the information sessions.

c. Promote the school events where we want outside participation including: auction, open houses, and information sessions.

d.  Run outreach activities including: lunch and learns at local businesses, posting fliers, placing signs.

e.  School Web page maintenance.

NOTE: This group is seeking more members to help especially with the open house on January 29th.

2)      Site selection and preparedness/campus beautification committee/ongoing school improvement (Members: Dani Siver, Jessica Lipscomb)

a.  Assist leader with the legwork needed to help find our new site for the next year.

b.  Once the new site is selected – organize classroom preparedness work parties

c.  Organize landscape work parties – even for our current building, it might be nice to clean up the muddy spots before our open house.      Develop a wish list of school improvements (computers, smart boards, projectors…big ticket items) to bring to the school board and PTO.

NOTE: This group is seeking more members to help especially with some campus clean up before the open house on January 29th and with site selection efforts.

3)      Fundraising (Members: Juliette Oase, Mary Taylor, Dani Siver, Chris Wilkerson, Wendy Armour, Glenda Donato)

Fundraising is important with our income only 80% of the state allocated funds. We are currently working on many projects to bring in revenues including: a) Auction (combine with rummage sale?) including class projects to include in the auction, b) Box Tops, c) Restaurant nights, d) Lands End, Chinook books, green raising,  e) Ask letters and parent donations, f) Scrip, g) Selling Arco Iris logo’ed merchandise

NOTE: This group is seeking more members to help especially with the Auction

4)      Administration (Leader: Stacy Inman)

We need some extra help in the front office and in running the school. Specific needs include: a) Recess and lunch support and daily office support from 1:30 to 3:30, b) CFO/Treasurer support (really need someone who knows quick books).

NOTE: This group is seeking more members to help

5)      Classroom committee (Leaders: Joann Hoffman, Kimberly Sills (1st), Eve Houghton (2nd), Raminta Rudys (3/4th))  GOAL: Partner with our teachers to assist in the classroom and with special projects.

a.  Organize schedule of in class room/teacher support volunteers.

b.  Organize the field trips (with Stacy) and class parties (Halloween, Holiday, Valentine’s Day, Cinco De Mayo and End of school year).

c.  Organize the staff appreciation events (staff lunch day, holiday gift, end of year gift).

d.  Help with weekly 1:1 math and reading time with students from 3 to 3:30 (with Maureen as lead).

e.  Support Art projects with the classrooms.

f.   Ensure the classroom has the necessary snacks, supplies or essentials as defined by the teachers.

NOTE: This group is not currently seeking more members but will continue to send notes directly to families of each classroom seeking help for each of these activities.

6)      Volunteer Coordinators (Leaders: Kimberly Sills, Juliette Oase)

a.  Point contact for interfacing between the committee’s volunteer needs and with the parents to ensure consistent messaging and that parents are not getting SPAMMED with requests from each committee for help.

b.  Run the PTO meetings.

NOTE: This group is not currently seeking more members

Please do not hesitate to sign up for more than one committee; there is enough work to go around!

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