Welcome back! And General Announcements

Welcome back everyone! Our students have kicked off the new year with college gameday today! They were having a great time this morning showing off their favorite team’s sportswear.

The following is a quick reminder about student pickup in the afternoons. If you have any questions, please see Stacy or Maureen:

If you are late picking up your child and he/she has been moved to the community room, or if your child is attending our Buenas Tardes program, you MUST check in with the after-school coordinator when you pick up your child. As part of our security protocol, teachers provide a list of students who were not picked up at the classroom to our after-school staff. Each classroom list is passed onto and maintained by our after-school personnel. We need to make sure every student is accounted for. We do this throughout the day with attendance, headcounts at transitions, bathroom/office/community room passes, and other procedures. Safety and security are of utmost priority. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

PTO Meeting is Thursday January 6th at 7pm

Please join Juliette Oase and other parents in the community room this Thursday for the first PTO meeting of 2011.  Feel free to bring some snacks to share and we will hash out plans for 2011 with a strong parent community. Everyone should feel welcome to come, no matter what your participation level. Come with ideas, thoughts, or just to find out more about what we are planning. For example, we are kicking off outreach efforts NOW for our January open house. We will be holding open enrollment for the 2011/2012 school year beginning mid-February and need to spread the word about our school!

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