English Language Arts

Yes, we are a Spanish immersion school, but our students get approximately 90 minutes of English language arts instruction every day. Mastery of both languages is critical to our success. Our English instruction includes reading (quiet and aloud), writing, spelling, reading comprehension, buddy reading, and even penmanship.

Our curriculum, Harcourt Storytown, enables us to evaluate and provide reading assignments that meet each child’s individual needs. Our students’ work is differentiated based on each child’s ability. There is no need to juggle schedules and switch classes to move students to another grade based on their reading level. Our students receive different readers every day based on their individual needs and progress.

Each child has also completed a DRA, that’s developmental reading assessment.  These assessments provide Maestra Maureen with a method for assessing and documenting our students skills over time.  The purpose is to identify students’ reading level using specific criteria of accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. These assessments were conducted during one-on-one reading conferences with Maestra Maureen or Maestro Miguel. Maureen and Miguel have been trained to administer the DRA assessments and know what to look for and how to accurately assess a child’s reading comprehension and fluency. DRA results are rolled into daily reading assignments.

Our program for documenting continuous improvement was illustrated in your first trimester status report and parent-teacher conference. We will continue with our leveled approach throughout the school year, and we are excited with the level and progress of all of our students!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Deonne, a school blog is a really great idea! One thing about dual language and immersion programs is parental education and support . Blogs such as these provide support and understanding to parents. Bravo!

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